Written In Their Soul Stax (box 7 Cd)

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WRITTEN IN THEIR SOUL: The Stax Songwriter Demos riunisce 146 demo provenienti dal caveau dell’iconica etichetta Stax Records, che mettono in bella mostra lo straordinario talento compositivo di tanti, tanti artisti. Includendo 140 tracce che non sono mai state ascoltate prima, questa raccolta combina sia demo di cantautori che, in alcuni casi, arrangiamenti completi (ma in seguito non pubblicati) in un set di 7 CD. I primi tre dischi contengono demo di songwriter Stax all’epoca registrati (e in seguito pubblicati in versione definitiva) da artisti Stax su una delle etichette della famiglia (Stax, ma anche Volt, Enterprise, We Produce, Koko, Respect, ecc.). Il quarto disco contiene demo dei cantautori Stax che sono stati registrati e in seguito pubblicati su etichette discografiche ALTRE (Atlantic, Decca, Hi, Chimneyville, ecc.). Gli ultimi tre dischi contengono demo di canzoni composte da songwriter della Stax in seguito mai pubblicate. Nel ricco cofanetto troviamo così cantautori leggendari come William Bell, Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd, Bettye Crutcher e molti altri, con versioni inedite di alcune delle canzoni più famose del Soul.
Disco 1
1 Comfort Me
2 You Make A Strong Girl Weak
3 What Did I Do Wrong
4 Another Night Without My Man
5 I Got Everything I Need
6 Mister Fix It
7 I'll Always Have Faith In You
8 Got To Make A Comeback
9 I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do
10 Slow Train
11 Hear My Call, Here
12 Top Of The Mountain
13 I See It
14 The Ghetto
15 You Can't Win With A Losing Hand
16 Sweet Sensation
17 Spare Me The Hurt Of Losing You
18 Third Child
19 Respect Yourself
20 People Come Out Of Your Shell
21 I'll Be Your Shelter (In Time Of Storm)
Disco 2
1 Get Up About Yourself
2 All Day Preachin'
3 (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
4 We The People
5 Do The Sweetback
6 What Would I Do
7 Heaven Knows
8 I May Not Be All You Want (But I'm All You Got)
9 True Love Don't Grow On Trees
10 (I Didn't Know What Losing Was) 'Till I Lost You
11 Until I Lost You
12 Drown Yourself
13 If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)
14 I Got To Be Myself
15 You're Spreading Yourself A Little Too Thin
16 Take A Walk Down My Street
17 Before The Honeymoon
18 Nobody But You
19 Hot Line To Jesus
20 I Hear Footsteps (Coming Closer)
Disco 3
1 I'll Be The Other Woman
2 We've Got Love On Our Side
3 It's So Wonderful
4 That's What Friends Are For
5 Sugar Daddy
6 Woman To Woman
7 So Glad To Have You
8 Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'
9 Dy-No-Mite (Did You Saw My Love)
10 Your Love Is Amazin'
11 Walk On To Your New Love
12 Something Ain't Right
13 There Is A God
14 Packed Up And Took My Mind
15 Don't You Know That It's All Right
16 Who Made The Man
17 It Don't Pay To Get Up In The Morning
Disco 4
1 Don't Let The Love Light Leave
2 I've Got No Time To Lose
3 A Woman's Love
4 634-5789 (Soulsville, USA)
5 Linda Sue Dixon
6 Told You For The Last Time
7 Let Me Know
8 Let Me Be Yours
9 We Can Love
10 Without You
11 Shouting Out Love
12 Take My Body
13 I've Got A Feeling (We'll Be Seeing Each Other Again)
14 I Could Never Be Satisfied
15 Everybody's Hustling
16 Either You Love Me Or Leave Me
17 I've Never Been This Close To Jesus
18 Pussy Footing Around
19 This Time Yesterday
20 Are We Slipping Away
21 I Wanna Slow Dance Wit'cha
22 What You Did To Me Last Night
Disco 5
1 Got To Make You Mine
2 Come On Dance With Me
3 I Got To Go For That
4 Spin It
5 Nobody Wants To Get Old
6 Such A Feeling
7 Never Say No To The One You Love
8 Looks Like Another Hot Summer
9 Give You All The Love I Got
10 It's Up To You
11 Let's Be Sure
12 Oo-We Baby What You Do To Me
13 Coming Together
14 It's Over
15 Break Out (AKA Bust Out)
16 Walk On Back
17 Come On Down
18 Can't Make Enough
19 Love Is You
20 Let's Get Down To Business
21 Stone For Stone
22 I Won't Do You No Dirt
23 Just Too Right To Be Wrong
24 Song #2
Disco 6
1 Too Much Sugar For A Dime
2 Too Much Sugar For A Dime
3 You Knock Me Out
4 I Should Have Changed My Ways
5 Til You Been Loved By Me
6 Deaf And Dumb
7 It's No Secret
8 Somebody's Got You Baby
9 Something Keeps Holding Me Back
10 Take It All Off
11 Don't You Know I'm All Alone
12 Sweet Dreams (I Had Of You)
13 Ain't No Love Like My Baby's Love
14 Just The Way You Loved Me
15 Glory Glory I Love Him
16 Stay With Me
17 Three Meals A Day
18 Everybody Is Talking Love
19 Didn't Love Straighten It Out
20 We Don't Need Stone Walls
21 You're Funny Boy
Disco 7
1 Shadows On The Wall
2 Grandpa's Will
3 Whatcha Gonna Do (When You Find The One)
4 I Got To Keep On Taking Chances
5 Thank You For Loving Me
6 Do Me Wrong
7 Put It To A Vote
8 Dammit
9 The Yard Man
10 Don't Stay Gone Too Long
11 How Can I Win Your Love
12 Every Now And Then
13 Somewhere In Somebody's Heart
14 Love Treaty
15 Staying With My Man
16 Bread Winner
17 Got To Be Somebody For Me
18 Hometown Lover
19 Do You Want Me To Lie To You
20 I Don't Care Anymore
21 I Like The Way You Groove Me