The Fairy Queen Z629

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1 Prelude to Act 1
2 Air
3 Overture to Act 1
4 Act 1 "Come, let us leave the town" [Soprano, Bass]
5 Act 1 "Scene of the Drunken Poet" [First Fairy, Second Fairy, Drunken Poet, Chorus]
6 Act 1 Jig
7 Act 2 "Come all ye songsters of the sky" [Tenor]
8 Act 2 "May the God of Wit inspire" [Counter-Tenor, Tenor, Bass]
9 Act 2 "Now join your warbling voices all" [Chorus]
10 Act 2 "Sing while we trip it" [Chorus, Soprano]
11 Act 2 "See, even Night herself is here" [Night] "I am come to lock all fast" [Mystery] "One charming night" [Secrecy] "Hush, no more" [Sleep, Chorus]
12 Act 2 Air
13 Act 3 "If love's a sweet passion" [Dryad, Chorus]
14 Act 3 Symphony while the swans come forward
15 Act 3 Dance for the Fairies
16 Act 3 Dance for the Green Men
17 Act 3 "Ye gentle spirits of the air" [Soprano]
18 Act 3 "Now the maids and the men" [Coridon, Mopsa] Dance for the Haymakers
19 Act 3 "When I have often heard" [Nymph]
20 Act 3 "A thousand, thousand ways" [Chorus, Counter-Tenor]
21 Act 3 Hornpipe
22 Act 4 Symphony
23 Act 4 "Now the night is chased away" [Attendant, Chorus]
24 Act 4 "Let the fifes and the clarions" [Tenor, Counter-Tenor]
25 Act 4 "When a cruel long winter" [Phoebus]
26 Act 4 "Hail! Great parent of us all" [Chorus] "Thus the ever grateful Spring" [Spring] "Here's the summer, sprightly gay" [Summer] "See, see my many coloured fields" [Autumn] "Next, Winter comes slowly" [Winter]
27 Act 5 "Thrice happy lovers" [Juno]
28 Act 5 "O let me ever, ever weep" [Soprano]
29 Act 5 "Thus the gloomy world" [Chinese Man] "Thus happy and free" [Chinese Woman, Chorus] "Yes, Daphne" [Chinese Man]
30 Act 5 Monkey's Dance
31 Act 5 "Hark! How all things" [First Woman] "Hark! the echoing air" [Second Woman, Chorus]
32 Act 5 "Sure the dull God of Marriage" [First Woman, Second Woman, Chorus] Prelude "See, I obey" [Hymen] "Turn then thine eyes" [First Woman, Second Woman] "My torch indeed" [Hymen]
33 Act 5 Chaconne
34 Act 5 "They shall be as happy as they're fair" [First Woman, Second Woman, Hymen, Chorus]